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Robin Ruggaber of University of Virginia and Michele Kimpton of Duraspace will be presenting on the Academic Preservation Trust at the 2012 CNI Fall Meeting in Washington D.C. December 10 – 11

Abstract of Presentation

Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) is a consortium of academic institutions committed to the creation and management of academic and research content for multiple institutions. As a member of APTrust, the University of Virginia in partnership with DuraSpace is implementing a cloud based repository service to aggregate curated content from consortium institutions upon which rich access services may be built. The implementation will further provide long term preservation for selected content through the implementation of a repository within the Digital Preservation Network (DPN).

The aggregate repository is being implemented to collect many forms of content, offer utility to support administrative and simple access, augment individual institution preservation strategies as well as provide a firm foundation for exploring future access services. The consortium believes they can achieve these goals more fully together than they can alone.

Come learn about more about APTrust services, milestones and how to get involved by attending this presentation and panel discussion.