The Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) consortium is committed to the creation and management of a preservation repository that will aggregate academic and research content from many institutions. Solutions will be based on respected open source technologies that are scalable, sustainable, and provide audit functionality.

As part of a national strategy for long-term preservation, the APTrust repository will serve as a replicating node for the Digital Preservation Network (DPN). At the local level, APTrust will provide a preservation environment for participating members, including disaster recovery services. By leveraging the expertise and resources of multiple institutions, APTrust will realize economies of scale and increase value for all members.

The consortium will work together to determine the shape of future services and best practices as they align around solutions for the common good. Ultimately, APTrust will enable academic libraries to protect the scholarship produced by the academy, a value that will transcend us all.

The APTrust Story, by Martha Sites, provides an overview of this innovative and collaborative model for digital preservation.