Phase I

APTrust is developing a preservation environment comprised of a repository for aggregated content and a replicating node for the Digital Preservation Network (DPN).  It will:

  • Perform basic ingest and retrieval initiated by partner institutions
  • Accept content in all formats
  • Allow administrative retrieval of content for disaster recovery
  • Incorporate audit mechanisms
  • Build and test interactions with DPN replicating nodes, including transport mechanisms for moving content among environments

Phase I is slated for completion by June 2014.  APTrust staff at the University of Virginia are designing and building the components with the financial assistance and community support of the 16 partner institutions.

Phase I is also being developed with the support of Duraspace, Digital Curation Experts, and system engineering from Virginia Tech.

Phase II

APTrust will shift from an “incubation” project to a fully functional preservation environment that can be populated and extended by the community.  Member institutions will be able to preserve content in the environment built in Phase I based on business models determined by the partner community.  Phase II will include:

  • Pursuit of TRAC certification
  • Exploration of
    • End-user access
    • Hosted repository services
    • Format migration services