Boston College joins APTrust

November 14, 2019 News, Events

The Academic Preservation Trust Governing Board announced today at the APTrust membership meeting at Johns Hopkins University that it has approved the Boston College Libraries as the latest member of its consortium.  Existing members include Emory, Indiana, Johns Hopkins, North Carolina State, Penn State, Arizona, Cincinnati, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, and...

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APTrust Governing Board appoints two new members

November 07, 2019 News, Events

APTrust Governing Board chair Winston Tabb of Johns Hopkins University announced today the appointment of two new members to the board.  Rosalyn Metz of Emory University and Nathan Tallman of Penn State University will serve as voting members of the board for the academic year 2019-20, and both are eligible to be reappointed in subsequent years.

Metz and Tallman's colleagues...

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William & Mary Libraries join APTrust

October 21, 2019

The Academic Preservation Trust Governing Board has approved William & Mary Libraries as the latest member of its consortium.
"Joining APTrust is a step forward in our desire for long term digital preservation of archival, cultural and scholarly digital assets," noted a statement from the libraries. "The APTrust consortium leverages the expertise of its members to...

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University of Arizona joins APTrust

July 03, 2019 News, Events

The Academic Preservation Trust Governing Board announced today that the University of Arizona Libraries have joined as the organization's newest member.  The APTrust collaboration of institutions (

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APTrust offers new Deep Archive Services to its Members

June 03, 2019 News, Events, Technical

June 2019 APTrust is pleased to announce that it now offers a new storage service to its members, AWS Glacier Deep Archive. This is our most affordable storage option. Costs are not yet finalized but it will likely be less than $25 per terabyte, making it suitable for high volume storage that you expect to access infrequently. This new service will provide yet another choice for organizations...

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