Acceptance Test Session Videos

January 31, 2014 Technical

APTrust is committed to open development and has been posting videos of the latest round of acceptance testing on the APTrust Administrative Interface to the APTrust YouTube channel. The videos feature the week to week state of the application while in development and is how the team accepts or rejects feature requests when team members are distributed across the country. In case the community would find it interesting to see the process of APTrust being made, we wanted to post these videos publicly in hopes it gives an idea of what the application will look like and how the progress is going on our development. Keep in mind as you view these videos that this is testing of an application as it is being developed, so you're likely to see bugs or unfinished features but that is the entire point of the testing, to uncover bugs and help the developers understand if we hit the mark at least on our requested features. Keep an eye on the APTrust Youtube channel for more videos as testing continues but here are the recordings from our first two sessions. A third session should be posted in the following week.

Acceptance Testing 3 Jan 2014

Acceptance Testing 10 Jan 2014

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