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The Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) is committed to the creation and management of a sustainable environment for digital preservation.  What makes what we do truly sustainable is our collaborative culture and ongoing collective consideration of the challenges that digital stewardship presents.  Our members bring both to the development of an aggregated repository that will help solve one of the greatest challenges facing research libraries and their parent institutions – preventing the permanent loss of scholarship and cultural records being produced today.

APTrust offers new levels of confidence in the preservation of digital content, up to and including permanent deposit in the Digital Preservation Network (DPN) through our systems.  From the start, an institution that places digital content in APTrust will be able to use our capabilities to recover that content in the event it is lost from the local institutional environment. Disaster recovery is only the first in a list of services APTrust is already developing or considering, all in collaboration with our member community.  Such future services may include access to APTrust-stored content (when that is the desire of the owning institution), aggregated discovery, and means of preserving and making use of the software that renders preserved content meaningfully accessible to future researchers, among many other possibilities.

As our member institutions combine their expertise and resources to accomplish a common mission, together they will develop scalable solutions, new functionalities, and enriched services that will be offered broadly through APTrust.

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